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Scenario Generation

Generate scenario from recorded real-world sensor data

In automated driving applications, scenario generation is the process of building virtual scenarios from real-world vehicle data recorded from global positioning system (GPS), inertial measurement unit (IMU), camera, and lidar sensors. Automated Driving Toolbox™ provides functions and tools to automate scenario generation process. You can preprocess sensor data, extract roads, localize actors, and get actor trajectories to create an accurate digital twin of a real-world scenario. Simulate the generated scenario and test your automated driving algorithms against real-world data.

To generate scenarios from recorded sensor data, download the Scenario Builder for Automated Driving Toolbox support package from the Add-On Explorer. For more information on downloading add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons.


getMapROIGeographic bounding box coordinates from GPS data (Since R2022b)
roadpropsExtract road properties from road network file or map data (Since R2022b)
selectActorRoadsExtract properties of roads in path of actor (Since R2022b)
updateLaneSpecUpdate lane specifications using sensor detections (Since R2022b)
actorpropsGenerate actor properties from track list (Since R2022b)
actorTracklistStore recorded actor track list data with timestamps (Since R2023a)
laneDataStore recorded lane boundary data with timestamps (Since R2023a)
laneBoundaryDetectorDetector for lane boundaries in images (Since R2023a)
laneBoundaryTrackerTrack lane boundaries (Since R2023a)
egoToWorldLaneBoundarySegmentsConvert tracked lane boundaries to lane boundary segments in world coordinates (Since R2024a)
laneBoundarySegmentStore lane boundary information of road segment (Since R2024a)
laneBoundaryGroupGroup lane boundaries in lane boundary segment objects (Since R2024a)
getLanesInRoadRunnerHDMapCreate RoadRunner HD Map from lane information (Since R2024a)
roadrunnerLaneInfoGenerate lane information in RoadRunner HD Map format from lane boundary points (Since R2023a)
roadrunnerStaticObjectInfoGenerate static object and sign information in RoadRunner HD Map format (Since R2023a)
addElevationAdd elevation to scene data using georeferenced point cloud (Since R2024a)