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Fixed-Point Matrix Operations in MATLAB

Optimized fixed-point matrix solvers and matrix decomposition functions for efficient code

Use these functions to perform fixed-point math and matrix operations and generate efficient code. These functions solve systems of linear equations and perform matrix decompositions in a way that is efficient for embedded devices.


fixed.backwardSubstituteSolve upper-triangular system of equations through backward substitution
fixed.forwardSubstituteSolve lower-triangular system of equations through forward substitution
fixed.qlessQRQ-less QR decomposition
fixed.qlessQRUpdateUpdate QR factorization
fixed.qrABCompute C = Q'*B and upper-triangular factor R
fixed.qrMatrixSolveSolve system of linear equations Ax = B for x using QR decomposition
fixed.qlessQRMatrixSolveSolve system of linear equations (A'A)x = B for x using Q-less QR decomposition