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Upgrading Hydraulic Models to Use Isothermal Liquid Blocks

Resources for upgrading Hydraulic (Isothermal) models

Convert models that contain blocks in the hydraulics (isothermal) domain to the isothermal liquid domain to improve model usability, accuracy, and simulation robustness.

The Simscape Fluids > Hydraulics (Isothermal) and the Simscape > Foundation Library > Hydraulic libraries will be removed in a future release. Use the Isothermal Liquid library instead. (since R2020a)


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Block Substitution Tables and Conversion Messages


hydraulicToIsothermalLiquidUpgrade hydraulic block diagram system to use isothermal liquid blocks (Since R2020a)
hydraulicToIsothermalLiquidPostProcessRestore original file names and links after upgrading hydraulic block diagram systems to use isothermal liquid blocks (Since R2021a)

Simscape Blocks

Interface (H-IL)Flow connection between hydraulic and isothermal liquid networks (Since R2020a)