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Resample time-domain data by decimation or interpolation (requires Signal Processing Toolbox software)




resample(data,P,Q) resamples data such that the data is interpolated by a factor P and then decimated by a factor Q. resample(z,1,Q) results in decimation by a factor Q.

resample(data,P,Q,order) filters the data by applying a filter of specified order before interpolation and decimation.

Input Arguments


Name of time-domain iddata object. Can be input-output or time-series data.

Data must be sampled at equal time intervals.

P, Q

Integers that specify the resampling factor, such that the new sample time is Q/P times the original one.

(Q/P)>1 results in decimation and (Q/P)<1 results in interpolation.


Order of the filters applied before interpolation and decimation.

Default: 10


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Increase the sampling rate of data by a factor of 1.5 and compare the resampled and the original data signals.

u = idinput([20 1 2],'sine',[],[],[5 10 1]);
u = iddata([],u,1);
ur = resample(u,3,2);


If you have installed the Signal Processing Toolbox™ software, resample calls the Signal Processing Toolbox resample function. The algorithm takes into account the intersample characteristics of the input signal, as described by data.InterSample.

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Introduced before R2006a