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License Manager Installation and Management

Install and manage License Manager for MATLAB® network licenses. For license administrators only.

Install the FlexNet® license manager before installing MathWorks® products in network configurations. The configuration design determines how many installations you need to perform. Before you install FLEXlm®, read Plan Your Network Installation. To learn more about licenses, see Understanding Network License Files.


Install and Manage License Manager

Plan Your Network Installation

Options for license manager and MATLAB installation for license administrators with a network license

Install License Manager Without Internet Access

Install the License Manager on a network server using a file installation key (FIK).

Install License Manager with an Internet Connection

Describes how to install the license manager on a network server.

License Manager Operations

Start the License Manager

Start the license manager on the server.

Manage the License Manager

Describes several utilities provided by FlexNet licensing that you can use to manage the license manager.

Update License Manager Software

Download the executables for running the license manager.

Update Network License

Update a network license file.

Manage Licensing for Network Configurations

Set Up Named User Licensing

How to set up named users with a Network Named User License.

Borrow Licenses

Describes how to set up and use the license borrowing capability in a concurrent configuration.

Use Timeouts for Idle License Keys

Describes how to use the time-out feature to free idle license keys in concurrent configurations