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Set Operations

Unions, intersection, set membership


intersectSet intersection of two arrays
ismemberArray elements that are members of set array
ismembertolMembers of set within tolerance
issortedDetermine if array is sorted
setdiffSet difference of two arrays
setxorSet exclusive OR of two arrays
unionSet union of two arrays
uniqueUnique values in array
uniquetolUnique values within tolerance
joinCombine two tables or timetables by rows using key variables
innerjoinInner join between two tables or timetables
outerjoinOuter join between two tables or timetables


Average Similar Data Points Using a Tolerance

This example shows how to average a group of points that are within tolerance. This approach produces a reduced data set that still holds the general shape of the original data.

Group Scattered Data Using a Tolerance

This example shows how to group scattered data points based on their proximity to points of interest.