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Display, Volume Rendering, and Surfaces

2-D and 3-D medical image display, 3-D surface generation, and volume rendering

Medical Imaging Toolbox™ provides tools to visualize 2-D and 3-D medical image data. Interactively display medical images in the Medical Image Labeler app, which automatically orients images in the anterior/posterior, left/right, and inferior/superior directions. Use volume rendering to visualize intensity volumes in 3-D using display presets or customized display settings. You can also view label data as volumetric overlays on grayscale intensity volumes. Outside the app, you can generate and render surfaces for efficient display or 3-D printing or modeling applications.


Medical Image LabelerDisplay and label 2-D and 3-D medical images


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volshowDisplay volume
viewer3dCreate 3-D viewer object
SurfaceDisplay surface in 3-D viewer
extractIsosurfaceExtract isosurface from volume using marching cubes algorithm
dicomContoursExtract ROI data from DICOM-RT structure set
createMaskCreate volumetric mask from dicomContours object


Volume Rendering

Surface Generation