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Space-Time Adaptive Processing

DPCA and ADPCA pulse cancellation, sample matrix inversion (SMI) beamforming

Signals received by a phased array are often overwhelmed by interference or background clutter. Clutter is called reverberation in acoustic applications. Phased Array System Toolbox™ algorithms perform space-time adaptive processing (STAP). STAP processing combines temporal and spatial filtering to nullify interfering jammers. You can use STAP processing to detect slow-moving or stationary targets in background clutter.


phased.STAPSMIBeamformerSample matrix inversion (SMI) beamformer
phased.DPCACancellerDisplaced phase center array (DPCA) pulse canceller
phased.ADPCACancellerAdaptive DPCA (ADPCA) pulse canceller
phased.AngleDopplerResponseAngle-Doppler response


SMI BeamformerSample matrix inversion (SMI) beamformer
DPCA CancellerDisplaced phase center array (DPCA) pulse canceller for a uniform linear array
ADPCA CancellerAdaptive displaced phase center array (ADPCA) pulse canceller for a uniform linear array
Angle Doppler ResponseAngle-Doppler response
Data Cube SlicerSlice data cube along specified dimensions


dopsteeringvecDoppler steering vector
val2indUniform grid index