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Update filter names in Filter Analyzer app

Since R2024a



renameFilters(fa,filtnames,newfiltnames) renames the filters in the Filter Analyzer app fa with names specified in filtnames to the names specified in newfiltnames.


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Start the Filter Analyzer app with two lowpass filters.

d1 = designfilt("lowpassfir", ...
d2 = designfilt("lowpassfir", ...
fa = filterAnalyzer(d1,d2);

Rename the filters to "LP1" and "LP2".

renameFilters(fa,["d1" "d2"],["LP1" "LP2"])

Input Arguments

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Filter Analyzer app handle, specified as a filterAnalyzer object.

Filter names, specified as a string vector. Filter names are the names that identify the different filters in the app Filters table.

Example: ["LP_a" "LP_b"]

Data Types: char | string

New filter names, specified as a string vector. newfiltnames must have the same number of elements as filtnames.

Data Types: char | string

Version History

Introduced in R2024a