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w = kaiser(L,beta) returns an L-point Kaiser window with shape factor beta.


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Create a 200-point Kaiser window with a beta of 2.5. Display the result using wvtool.

w = kaiser(200,2.5);

Input Arguments

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Window length, specified as a positive integer.

Data Types: single | double

Shape factor, specified as a positive real scalar. The parameter beta affects the sidelobe attenuation of the Fourier transform of the window.

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Kaiser window, returned as a column vector.


The coefficients of a Kaiser window are computed from the following equation:


where I0 is the zeroth-order modified Bessel function of the first kind. The length L = N + 1. kaiser(L,beta) is equivalent to


To obtain a Kaiser window that represents an FIR filter with sidelobe attenuation of α dB, use the following β.


Increasing β widens the mainlobe and decreases the amplitude of the sidelobes (i.e., increases the attenuation).


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Introduced before R2006a