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Send Stateflow® objects that carry data and are queued

Send, receive, and forward messages that carry data to communicate between Stateflow charts. Local messages carry data within a single chart. Messages are queued until the receiving chart can process them. View the lifeline of messages in the Sequence Viewer block.


Sequence ViewerDisplay messages, events, states, transitions, and functions between blocks during simulation


Communicate with Stateflow Charts by Sending Messages

Synchronize model components and share data by sending messages between Stateflow charts.

Set Properties for a Message

Specify message properties by using the Property Inspector or the Model Explorer.

Control Message Activity in Stateflow Charts

Send, receive, discard, or forward a Stateflow message.

Send Messages with String Data

Communicate between charts by using messages with string payloads.

Resolve Undefined Symbols in Your Chart

Detect and add undefined data, events, and messages.

View Differences Between Stateflow Messages, Events, and Data

Compare the behavior of messages, events, and data in Stateflow.

Use the Sequence Viewer Block to Visualize Messages, Events, and Entities

View the interchange of messages, events, and functions through the Sequence Viewer block.

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