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Simulink Subsystems as States

Embed Simulink® based states within your Stateflow® chart

Model continuous or periodic Simulink algorithms embedded in Stateflow states. Save a Simulink based state as a subsystem in a custom library. When the library block is updated, the changes are reflected in all Stateflow charts containing the block.


Simulink Subsystems as States

Use Simulink subsystems within Stateflow states to model hybrid systems.

Create and Edit Simulink Based States

Define a Simulink based state in your Stateflow chart.

Access Block State Data

Set the state variables of your Simulink based states.

Map Variables for Simulink Based States

Ensure that the variables in your Simulink based state map to chart outputs.

Set Simulink Based State Properties

Specify properties for your Simulink based state.

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