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What is MATLAB Online?

I recently heard about MATLAB Online. What is it, and where can I learn more about it?


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 25 Apr 2018
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MATLAB Online is a web-based version of MATLAB that can run within select supported web browsers.
This product is designed for students to be able to access MATLAB from any computer with an active Internet connection, and allows collaboration, online sharing, publishing as well as cloud storage through MATLAB Drive.
For more information about MATLAB Online, please consult the following product web page:
This product is currently only available on select types of licenses, and is not a part of MATLAB Mobile. MATLAB Mobile's cloud component is named the MathWorks Cloud.
If you're looking for information related to MATLAB Mobile and the MathWorks Cloud, please consult the following MathWorks web page:


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Answer by tester test on 22 Jul 2019
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