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How do I label the bars in my bar graph in MATLAB?

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How do I label the bars of a bar plot created using the "bar" function?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 20 Oct 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 20 Oct 2020
From MATLAB R2019b this workflow have been implemented with the use of XEndPoint and YEndPoint :
Before MATLAB R2019b, it is possible to programmatically add text labels above the bars on a plot. These labels can be used to indicate any interesting features of the data set, such as statistical significance or the associated p-values of each bar.This can be done using a "for" loop that loops over each bar in the plot and adds an appropriate label using the "text" function. Refer to the following example code for a simple demonstration on how to do this: 
    % Generate random data
    data = 10*rand(5,1);
    figure; % Create new figure
    hbar = bar(data);    % Create bar plot
    % Get the data for all the bars that were plotted
    x = get(hbar,'XData');
    y = get(hbar,'YData');
    ygap = 0.1;  % Specify vertical gap between the bar and label
    ylimits = get(gca,'YLim');
    set(gca,'YLim',[ylimits(1),ylimits(2)+0.2*max(y)]); % Increase y limit for labels
    % Create labels to place over bars
    labels = {'A', ['A';'B';'*'],'AB','',['A ';'**']}; 
    for i = 1:length(x) % Loop over each bar 
            xpos = x(i);        % Set x position for the text label
            ypos = y(i) + ygap; % Set y position, including gap
            htext = text(xpos,ypos,labels{i});          % Add text label
            set(htext,'VerticalAlignment','bottom',...  % Adjust properties
Note that if labels are desired for groups of bars, the x coordinates passed to the "text" function will need to be modified so that the text is placed over the correct bar. This can be done in a similar manner but taking into account that "hbar" in the above code is a vector of handles, and that the x and y coordinates of the text label must be adjusted for each group.


Artem Smirnov
Artem Smirnov on 21 Sep 2016
Is there any of writing labels inside the bars? That's a huge problem...

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Phong Huynh
Phong Huynh on 12 Jan 2019
Edited: madhan ravi on 12 Jan 2019
this line
caurses an error If y is a matrix instead of array


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