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App Designer or GUIDE?

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chlor thanks
chlor thanks on 19 Jul 2016
Commented: Stephanie on 30 Mar 2020
I am working on a project to perform excel data mining and plotting, thus I would like to gather your opinions on whether it is best to use App Designer or GUIDE? Depending on which one is easier to learn and more suitable for achieving my goal.
Just a little open discussion for me to observe from all you experts :D


Lokendra rathore
Lokendra rathore on 13 Apr 2017
Hi, I am also working on a project to create an app. So can you recommend me the best between appdesigner and GUIDE? Will I be able to give excel file as input in that app?
Adam on 13 Apr 2017
Simplest things is just to try AppDesigner. It is still very incomplete, too much so for my liking and patience, but it is nicer than GUIDE in what it does do. It is up to you whether you find it meets your requirements or not though. I still use GUIDE or programmatic GUIs, but have done one in App Designer and will use it again in the future when I'm not in a hurry to get something done.
Malik Hafez
Malik Hafez on 5 Jan 2018
Hi I just got some first insights into the Appdesigner and I have to say that the App Designer is more appealing looking at the visualization. However, I am going to work with guide as before because the App Designer is very limited and still buggy. For instance the Resizing doesnt allways work properly. Further I think that the Property Inspector of GUIDE offers more possibilitys, also to implement profound programs. I hope that they will be able to Combine both the esthetic of the AppDesigner with the functionality of the GUIDE.

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Stephanie on 30 Mar 2020
An update, I put in a Technical Support report about the issue. After some back and forth they finally figured it out and the dissapearing dots when I zoom are gone! I had set the Zdata of the dots to 30 and they suggested 0.9 and they also noted that the 'SortMethod' on the axes "depth" and I should change it to be "childorder". I am not sure how the 'SortMethod' got to be depth because I did not set that property. But doing those two things made my dots stay put when zoom in and out and using the toolbar home item.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jul 2016
App Designer is the future. The old pathetic GUIDE will probably go once App Designer is complete. Personally I, and many many others, can't use App Designer because for some reason they released it without the ability to display an image. When they add that ability, then I might take a look at it again.


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 13 Apr 2017
FYI: according to the documentation UIAxes (the types of axes used in App Designer apps) support images as of release R2016b. You can use image, imagesc, or imshow to add an image to a UIAxes.
Markus Leuthold
Markus Leuthold on 1 Nov 2017
when is it expected to have support for 3d orbit rotation, as (more or less) provided with cameratoolbar('SetMode','orbit')? As of R2017b, neither cameratoolbar nor rotate3d is supported
river chen
river chen on 18 Dec 2019
I realized the 3d rotation recently in app design

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Stephanie on 11 Mar 2020
Unforunately App Designer has some bugs in the graphing and ability to click on lines and display symbols when zooming in or out. So after a month of programming App Designer and being probably 70% done I am now switching to a guide version. Steph
Matlab 2019b


Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Mar 2020
If you haven't already done so, please report the problems you're experiencing to Technical Support using the telephone icon in the upper-right corner of this page. There may be workarounds or solutions for some or all of them, and even if there isn't the Support staff can report them to the development staff to be fixed.
Stephanie on 30 Mar 2020
Thanks, after a week of back and forth they solved the issue!

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