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How to install and launch Simulink Onramp in MATLAB R2018b?

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I found Simulink Onramp in the Getting Started list of my MATLAB Courses
and on MATLAB Central:
How can I install and and launch Simulink Onramp?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 11 May 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 11 May 2020
Simulink Onramp works with MATLAB R2018b and later. If you do not have MATLAB installed, download it here:
Note: Below installation instructions only apply to release R2018b. From MATLAB R2019a and onward, Simulink Onramp is included in your MATLAB/Simulink installation. To open Simulink Onramp, on the Simulink Start Page, you can select the "Simulink Onramp" button under Learn.
Installing Simulink Onramp - Method 1: Add-on Explorer
The simplest way to install Simulink Onramp in MATLAB R2018b is from the Add-on Explorer:
To start, click on Get Add-Ons from the MATLAB Toolstrip:
In the Add-on Manager, search for Simulink Onramp:
click the Add button:
Installing Simulink Onramp - Method 2: MATLAB File Exchange
Download Simulink Onramp as a Toolbox:
In MATLAB, go to the directory where you downloaded the Toolbox. In the MATLAB Current Folder window, right-click on the toolbox and select Install.
Launching Simulink Onramp
To launch Simulink Onramp, click on the Simulink icon in the Home tab of the MATLAB Toolstrip to launch the Simulink Start Page.
In the Start Page, you will see a link to launch Simulink Onramp on the bottom left corner:


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 May 2020
First you need to download R2018a.
You might possibly have access to it by using the link
If you do then (though really that is for the current release and the steps are a bit different now.)
Alexander Hupfer
Alexander Hupfer on 21 Sep 2020
When I click on the "Simulink Onramp" button it says that:
Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.
MatLAB 2018b Update 2

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Yizhou Du
Yizhou Du on 3 Jan 2019
In MATLAB 2018a, I haven`t see the link to launch Simulink Onramp on the bottom left corner:

Akshay Bhapkar
Akshay Bhapkar on 12 Nov 2018
i am also facing same problem. i could not find the Simulink On ramp on start page.

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Ramya Raman
Ramya Raman on 12 Nov 2018
i installed 2018b and its available now. Lesser version doesn't have.

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Lai Wei
Lai Wei on 6 Dec 2018
I have the simulink onramp on the start page. However, when I open it, it showed that 'Oops. We do not appear to have that course.Browse other courses'. What's wrong with it? I'm a student and I have Matlab 2018b. Please help me!

Does this work in Matlab Online R2018b?
If so, how?


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FEI LYNCH on 13 Jan 2019
same here, cannot see the Simulink Onramp on the bottom left corner


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Sebastian Röhrig
Sebastian Röhrig on 13 Feb 2019
I can install the Onramp toolbox and see it in the Simulink Start Page, but when I click to launch it, it shortly shows "Busy" and then comes back with the error "No directories were removed" (see screenshot).
This is hard to debug as it doesn't say where it wants to "remove directories" and why it can't do so.
Any hint on where I have to look at?
Thanks in advance!


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kwame nketiah
kwame nketiah on 4 Mar 2019
is simulink onramp available for R2018a? if no, then how i can i get simulink onramp for R2018a?


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Mar 2019
SImulink Onramp was created for R2018b. You will probably need to upgrade if you want to use it.

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sawaseem on 4 Apr 2019
Iam using MATLAb Online R2019a and I installed the Simulink Onramp add-on. Even after installation, I do not see the Simulink icon on the toolstrip. Please help..


Martin Foltin
Martin Foltin on 21 May 2019
MATLAB Online does not support Simulink. You must run MATLAB/Simulink on your desktop PC or notebook.
Amir souhail
Amir souhail on 19 May 2020
I still can not run it. when i click at Simulink Onramp, it just oes blank.

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