How do you split a table into sub-tables based on entries in a specific column?

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How do you split a table into sub-tables based on entries in a specific column? Essentially, I want to divide my table data into groups, determined by one of its values.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Oct 2022
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 13 Oct 2022
I have created a simple example which demonstrates how to split a table based on the first column as the category variable.
The script is also attached as "test_script.m". Please read the comments to get a better understanding of how to use the script for your use case.
% Patient pateint data
load patients
% Create test table
T = table(Gender(1:5), Height(1:5), 'VariableNames', {'Gender', 'Height'});
% Group based on first column - gender column
% Modify 1 to appropriate column number
G = findgroups(T{:, 1});
% Split table based on first column - gender column
T_split = splitapply( @(varargin) varargin, T , G);
% Allocate empty cell array fo sizxe equal to number of rows in T_Split
subTables = cell(size(T_split, 1));
% Create sub tables
for i = 1:size(T_split, 1)
subTables{i} = table(T_split{i, :}, 'VariableNames', ...
% Display Results
disp('Full Table:');
disp('Sub Table 1:');
disp('Sub Table 2:');
See this documentation for another example of using 'splitapply':
Here is a list of the functions I am using:

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yogan Sganzerla
yogan Sganzerla on 13 Jul 2021
Edited: yogan Sganzerla on 13 Jul 2021
It didn't helped me, so I will try to write down one example:
I have the following table:
[ 14-Jul-2021 20:36:59 1
14-Jul-2021 20:37:59 1
14-Jul-2021 20:38:59 1
14-Jul-2021 20:38:59 2
14-Jul-2021 20:40:59 2
14-Jul-2021 20:41:59 2
14-Jul-2021 20:42:59 2
14-Jul-2021 20:43:59 2
14-Jul-2021 20:44:59 1
14-Jul-2021 20:45:59 1
14-Jul-2021 20:46:59 2]
baisc, the values in the first column is datatime increasing 1 minut per line and the second colum can be just 1 or 2.
My goal is to breake this table into 2 table:
Table1= [ 14-Jul-2021 20:36:59 14-Jul-2021 20:38:59 1
14-Jul-2021 20:44:59 14-Jul-2021 20:46:59 1]
Table1= [ 14-Jul-2021 20:38:59 14-Jul-2021 20:44:59 2
14-Jul-2021 20:46:59 14-Jul-2021 20:47:59 2]
The first group of "1" start at 14-Jul-2021 20:36:59 and just finishe when the "2" starts so 14-Jul-2021 20:38:59
The same with the group 2 that starts at 14-Jul-2021 20:38:59 and finishes when the other group "1" starts (14-Jul-2021 20:44:59 )
and so on, until the lsat one, that we just add 1 minut because this is the duration on the signal
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Eric on 2 Feb 2023 at 14:16
Edited: Eric on 2 Feb 2023 at 15:45
This is exactly what I'm trying to do. Did you find a solution?
I figured it out:
cutoff = datetime("2022-08-7","InputFormat","uuuu-MM-dd")
idx = jobs.Started < cutoff; % Started is a variable in the table, jobs, which is datetime format
jobs_pre = jobs(idx,:);
jobs_post = jobs(~idx,:);

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