Why do I receive an error when installing Arduino Support Packages?

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Why do I receive the following errors when installing either the MATLAB or Simulink Support packages for Arduino Hardware:
Failed to install the third-party software:  Arduino software 
Something Unexpected Occurred

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 1 Apr 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 1 Apr 2021
These are generic error messages typically caused by a permissions issue, a connection error, or a corrupted installation. 
1) Permissions related errors
In order for most support packages to complete installation, the Support Package Installer requires sufficient permissions.  If installing the Arduino Support Package with the
, restart MATLAB with elevated privileges to resolve any potential permissions issues.
2) Connection errors
At this time, Arduino Support Packages are not available for offline installations.  In order to resolve any MathWorks related connection errors, please refer to the following article:
Why do I get a connection error when installing or activating MATLAB or another MathWorks product?
If installing on a Windows or MacOS machine, you may also reboot the machine in Safe Mode to bypass any potential security software conflicts.
Note: For Windows Machines, verify that BitLocker is not enabled before attempting to boot in Safe Mode.
3) Corrupted installation
You may perform a clean installation of the support packages to remove any potential corruptions. To do this, follow these steps:
How do I perform a clean re-installation of a Support Package?

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Abdelghafar Elkhaoui
Abdelghafar Elkhaoui on 26 Apr 2022
I would like to share another answer regarding the installation of Add-Ons, the error that may occurs while downloading a Third-Party Software could happen due the lack of space , so the solution is to free some space for the new added packages..


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