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Can I deploy the training of the Neural Network on the Nvidia Jetson though the GPU Coder?

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Eric Mei
Eric Mei on 6 May 2021
Edited: Steven Lord on 19 Jul 2021
Hi everyone, I have a problem which is it possible to generate the whole training codes on the Nvidia Jetson Nano?
Here is the example I want to deploy on the Jetson Nano:

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Hariprasad Ravishankar
Hariprasad Ravishankar on 19 Jul 2021
Edited: Steven Lord on 19 Jul 2021
Hi Eric,
We currently do not support generating code for 'trainNetwork' function and we only support code generation for inference workflows after training on host platform.
Can you clarify your requirement to generate code for training the network? Do you have any contraints such as training time on device or performance?
Please let us know.

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