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I work on GPU and CPU code generation for deep learning.


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Codegen Compiler for gpucoder.stridedMatrixMultiplyAdd
Hello, It looks like you missed a space after 'cfg' Try adding a space after the 'cfg' in the codegen command as follows code...

27 days ago | 0

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C++ code generation for sequence to sequence LSTM fails
Hello, Code-generation support for LSTM networks using ARM Compute Library was introduced in R2020a. Further, predictAndUpdateS...

1 month ago | 0

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I wants to generate cuda code using gpu coder for jetson xavier!
Hi DaHoon, From the error log STDERR: /bin/sh: 1: nvcc: not found This seems to be an environment setup issue as the codegen ...

6 months ago | 0

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Deep learning on Raspberry Pi Squeezenet example unable to find opencv library
Hi Matteo, It is likely that the compiler is unable to find the headers for opencv. You can add the include path to opecv by u...

7 months ago | 0

GPU Coder Error with OpenCV
Hi Alvaro, I believe the issue is due to the line below, cfg.CustomInclude = fullfile('/usr/include/opencv4'); For hardware d...

7 months ago | 1

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MATLAB Coder: How do I setup the environment variables on ARM targets to point to the ARM Compute Library?
Hi all, The build error "fatal error: arm_compute/runtime/NEON/NEFunctions.h: No such file or directory" suggests that the ARM_...

10 months ago | 0

Can GPU Coder be used to generate code to the Nvidia Jetson Xavier on Windows?
Hi Joseph, GPU Coder added support for TensorRT library on Windows host in R2019b. Please find the release notes here: https:...

12 months ago | 1

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GPU coder build error
Hi Lim, Looks like the generated code is emitting .cpp files whereas I would expect GPU Coder to emit .cu files. Did you use c...

12 months ago | 0

Faster R-CNN GPU Coder
As of R2018b, GPU Coder does not support code generation for R-CNN detector or R-CNN networks.

2 years ago | 0

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