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how accurate are the answers of the AI Playground

K on 30 Jan 2024
Latest activity Edit by Matt J on 31 Jan 2024

how accurate are the answers of the AI Playground regarding information that are not specifiyed in the documentation?
Matt J
Matt J on 31 Jan 2024 (Edited on 31 Jan 2024)
Speaking for myself, I have yet to get correct information out of the playground, though I am confident that it will improve with time. I suspect it depends a lot on which functionality and toolboxes your question pertains to. I tend to ask a lot of questions about Deep Learning Toolbox functionality. Quite ironically, the playground's AI seems to know very little about Matlab's AI tools!
All that said, I would recommend cross-checking all code suggested by the AI by running it explicitly, and cross-check everything else with the documentation.
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 30 Jan 2024
The answer accuracy will vary. For one, the AI model is trained with content up until June 2021. And your input prompt matters. Specific prompts with enough context will produce more accurate output. I recommend trying out and learning by experimenting. If you find any tips, please report back.
K on 30 Jan 2024
I was seeking information regarding sample size to which I couldn't seem to find answers in the documentaion and not coding questions
the answers were actually what I expected so I wanna believe them