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Cody: where's the Modeling and Simulation Challenge group?

Christian Schröder on 30 Dec 2022
Latest activity Reply by Dyuman Joshi on 31 Dec 2022

Simple question: I noticed there's a Modeling & Simulation Challenge Master badge over on Cody, but I can't find the corresponding group. So: where is it? Does it still exist at all?
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 31 Dec 2022
Hi Christian, that particular group is not available on Cody anymore as the support for Simulink on Cody has been removed or rescinded. However, the badge still remains as it has been awarded to some users. Same goes for the Computer Games group.
Earlier, Cody used to (I am not sure of the timeframe) support Simulink and toolboxes as well.
Some other features on Cody that have been changed as well -
- Scoring system based on the size of solution (replaced with a fixed score system). Also, one could also make manual test cases using some functions to give points to the solution according to parameters you choose. You can still that find in some older Cody questions.
- Use of certain functions such as feval, eval, str2func, assert, rehash, etc is prohibited. (You know why)
- Liking solutions
Edit -
Cody FAQ/guide states - Cody supports MATLAB and not the toolboxes.
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 31 Dec 2022
I'm not sure if it supported all the toolboxes or which ones for that matter.
Though I have seen Image Processing Toolbox being mentioned in the comments many a times.
Some toolbox functions I have seen in use -
imfilter, dist, fspecial (No correct solutions exist for these functions as compared to the functions listed below)
Christian Schröder
Christian Schröder on 31 Dec 2022
Thanks Dyuman! That makes sense.
I didn't know Cody used to support toolboxes --- pity it doesn't anymore, I sometimes find myself wishing for access to the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox as well Symbolic Math Toolbox in particular.

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