How to use a optimization toolbox in MATLAB Cody problem?

Daigo on 4 Jan 2022
Latest activity Reply by Dyuman Joshi on 16 Jan 2024

I'm trying to solve one problem in Cody, but a function 'fmincon' is not recognized by the online compiler. Is there any way to use functions in optimization toolbox in Cody?
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 16 Jan 2024
It did, in the initial days. The support for Toolboxes from Cody has been rescinded since a long time.
The Cody help section mentions this as well - "Cody supports MATLAB and not the toolboxes."
Though I do not know when this change was implemented.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 4 Jan 2022
The problem is, CODY solvers are assumed to have equal capability to solve a problem. If I don't have the optimization toolbox, then I could not test and run code that uses a function from that toolbox. And that would be unfair to those who lack a given toolbox. For example, suppose I see a way to solve a problem trivially using a tool like intlinprog. My code might now be a simple one liner, that otherwise would take a great deal of effort. That would be unfair to every other solver who lacks that toolbox.
It just makes sense that CODY would have no additional toolboxes, nothing beyond that which is in MATLAB proper.
See this question:
Rik on 4 Jan 2022
That's odd. I thought the Cody engine had access to all toolboxes.

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