George Bittar

How do I call the reference solution in Cody?

George Bittar on 8 Jun 2021
Latest activity Reply by Christian Schröder on 30 Dec 2022

I created a problem in Cody that approximates e. To test the user's solution, I compare their solution to e. What I want to do instead is compare the user's solution to my reference solution. The question is how do I call the reference solution in the test suite?
This is currently my test suite.
y_correct = playgame();
Christian Schröder
Christian Schröder on 30 Dec 2022
Like David said, this is not possible. The reference solution is only used to verify that your problem is in fact solvable, i.e. that the test suite can be passed; it's not otherwise available within the test suite.
If you want for some code to be run in the test suite, then you need to put it into the test suite. And yes, this'll mean that it'll be visible to prospective solvers; if this is not desirable, then you might be able to write a file containing P-code as part of the test suite, but I would advise against this unless you have a good reason for it.
David Hill
David Hill on 8 Jun 2021
I don't think you can. Just place the reference solution into sol.

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