Isacc Alpala

Can someone with a free account (without MATLAB license) solve Cody problems and get badges?

Isacc Alpala on 1 Oct 2022
Latest activity Reply by DGM on 1 Oct 2022

Just in case, I have my license of MATLAB. I just have this question and I didn't find any information. I wouldn't like to create another account, for this reason I prefer to ask here.
DGM on 1 Oct 2022
I know dpb already mentioned it, but it's easy enough to test if you have such an account.
I just solved the introductory Cody problem and got the badge for it. Since I have no active licenses associated with this account, this test should demonstrate that a license is not required. If Cody is something that interests you, go for it.
dpb on 1 Oct 2022
Your TMW account is not the license; access to Cody and a fair amount of other content is available without MATLAB license, yes. A license is associated WITH an account, but they're not the same.
Isacc Alpala
Isacc Alpala on 1 Oct 2022
But can someone play on Cody having an account without any license?
Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 1 Oct 2022
Having a license doe not mean that you have online account unless you had created an account and then purchased the lincense.
Therefore, in this case, you should create an account and then have fun by solving the exercises. Subssequently ern badges that you deserve.

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