Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez

Matlab Academy and Cody

Alejandro Carabe-Fernandez on 7 Sep 2017
Latest activity Reply by Jen Goree on 11 Nov 2020

Would it make sense that, in order to enhance coding experience with practice exercises, each section of the Matlab Academy courses reference specific CODY problems related to that section so the CODY problems can be used in parallel with the structure of the Matlab Academy courses?
Jen Goree
Jen Goree on 11 Nov 2020
I understand that you are looking for Cody practice problems related to MathWorks online training courses. Starting in release 2019a of MATLAB Onramp, there is a link to the MATLAB Onramp Practice Cody problem group on the Additional Resources page at the end of the course.

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