Chen Lin

Welcome to the Cody Discussion Channel! Please Read Before Posting

Chen Lin on 3 Jun 2024

Hello and a warm welcome to everyone! We're excited to have you in the Cody Discussion Channel. To ensure the best possible experience for everyone, it's important to understand the types of content that are most suitable for this channel.
Content that belongs in the Cody Discussion Channel:
  • Tips & tricks: Discuss strategies for solving Cody problems that you've found effective.
  • Ideas or suggestions for improvement: Have thoughts on how to make Cody better? We'd love to hear them.
  • Issues: Encountering difficulties or bugs with Cody? Let us know so we can address them.
  • Requests for guidance: Stuck on a Cody problem? Ask for advice or hints, but make sure to show your efforts in attempting to solve the problem first.
  • General discussions: Anything else related to Cody that doesn't fit into the above categories.
Content that does not belong in the Cody Discussion Channel:
  • Comments on specific Cody problems: Examples include unclear problem descriptions or incorrect testing suites.
  • Comments on specific Cody solutions: For example, you find a solution creative or helpful.
Please direct such comments to the Comments section on the problem or solution page itself.
We hope the Cody discussion channel becomes a vibrant space for sharing expertise, learning new skills, and connecting with others.

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