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Oleksandr on 28 May 2024
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Let's talk about probability theory in Matlab.
Conditions of the problem - how many more letters do I need to write to the sales department to get an answer?
To get closer to the problem, I need to buy a license under a contract. Maybe sometimes there are responsible employees sitting here who will give me an answer.
Thank you
Jaroslaw Kierczuk
Jaroslaw Kierczuk on 28 May 2024
@Rena Berman - the process is the same like previously, with one change: Gamax Laboratory Solutions rebranded and now they are SciEngineer. From the legal point of view it is the same company. They should receive e-mails from 'old' domain, e.g., but you can use also
Rena Berman
Rena Berman on 28 May 2024
@Jaroslaw Kierczuk, could you confirm the correct process for 2024?
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 28 May 2024 (Edited on 28 May 2024)

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