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New User Levels and Badges Introduced to MATLAB Answers!

Chen Lin on 15 Feb 2022
Latest activity Reply by Adam Danz on 16 Feb 2022

Several major updates have been introduced to Answers’ reputation system! The updates include a new User Levels system, a new Editor indicator, and updated badges series.

1. User Levels

User Levels have become a best practice for many community sites to adopt. They help build trust in the community and provide recognition to contributors. There are 10 levels in the system and the labels will display next to users’ names throughout MATLAB Answers and on your community profile. We hope to see more users climb the ladder and level up!

2. Editor Indicators

Becoming an Editor (upon earning 3,000 points) is a huge milestone in Answers. Therefore, we introduced the Editor indicator to show our appreciation. From the screenshot below, you will notice a user can have both a User Level and an Editor indicator.

3. Updated Badge Series

Based on our analysis of existing badges, we decided to introduce 2 new badges into existing series and retire an entire badge series.

  • The Knowledgeable badge series and the Thankful badge series now have 5 levels.
  • The Revival badge series has been archived and is no longer being awarded. If you earned one of these badges, it would still show up in your community profile.

You will find more information on Answers help page . If you have any questions, comments or feedback, free feel to leave a comment below.

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Feb 2022

Shout out to the community building teams at MathWorks who work hard to keep the community fresh and lively!

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