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Try Dark Mode in the MATLAB Desktop Beta

Hans Scharler on 20 Mar 2023 (Edited on 21 Mar 2023)
Latest activity Reply by Nachiketa Shreevallabha on 30 May 2024

With the release of MATLAB R2023a, we also are giving you early access to the new MATLAB Desktop. This includes Dark Mode! Download via Add-on Explorer in MATLAB or find here on File Exchange.
These are some of the many enhancements and new features of the new desktop:
  • Dark mode / theme support - Change the colors of the desktop by selecting a dark theme.
  • Updated layout - Quickly access tools and change your layout using the sidebar.
  • Expanded search capabilities - Easily find actions, settings, and resources using the new universal search box.
  • Figure toolstrip - Use the new figure toolstrip to easily modify annotations, text, and line styles, and view generated code.
  • Keyboard and screen reader accessibility support - Use a screen reader to interact with the Command Window, Editor and desktop tools.
  • Enhanced MATLAB Projects workflows - Collaborate using an improved user interface, manage multiple repositories using the Branch Manager, and investigate project hierarchies using the new Dependency Analyzer view.
MATLAB Dark Mode
Have fun trying it out and let us know what you think!
Nachiketa Shreevallabha
Nachiketa Shreevallabha on 30 May 2024
None of the drop down menus are accessible on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS using the new Desktop
Lennard on 7 Dec 2023
Is the display scale factor ignored by the Desktop Beta, because changing the personal value does not seem to do anything?
Iyaan on 9 Nov 2023
How do I generate plots according to the dark mode. Currently they're coming out as white.
Muhammad Tauha Ali
Muhammad Tauha Ali on 26 Sep 2023
Is there a way to manually link command history to the new desktop beta version?
Also, this is perhaps obvious but better to mention that figures created in dark mode will keep their colors when using them in a report typically written/printed in white background. This basically mean switching to light mode before copying figures.
Martin Richter
Martin Richter on 18 Sep 2023
Great that you guys are bringing this feature now! Unfortunately, I'm getting the following error when I try to start MATLAB:
Any idea?
Francesca Marini
Francesca Marini on 20 Sep 2023
We apologize for the issue. It occurred with MATLAB R2023a Update 1, when launching the new desktop while disconnected from the internet. This issue has been resolved starting in R2023a Update 2. You can either install it by clicking on the notification icon in the top right corner of the desktop, or install MATLAB R2023b that was just released.
The workaround with your current version is to ensure you are connected to the internet during startup, and connect to the VPN, or the network where the Active Directory runs, if you are using a corporate-owned device. This should allow the new desktop to start successfully. You can also delete the startup.mlsettings from your %AppData%/MathWorks/MATLAB/R2023a directory to return to the standard desktop.
Alonso Tejeda Montero
Alonso Tejeda Montero on 24 Apr 2023
I tried it and it crashed. Now Matlab won't open. How can I uninstall it?
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 25 Apr 2023

Can you try this?

Delete the startup.mlsettings from your %AppData%/MathWorks/MATLAB/R2023a directory to return to the standard desktop.

Are you able send any crash logs?

Let me know if this helps.

Nikolaus Collins
Nikolaus Collins on 2 Jun 2023
I'm also getting this issue. It happens about 10-11 seconds after loading into the new desktop. Deleting startup.mlsettings does return back to the default desktop, but I'm never given the option to send a crash report. I also cannot locate any crash logs.
恒恺 姚
恒恺 姚 on 22 Mar 2023 (Edited on 22 Mar 2023)
Thanks so much! I've been waiting this new theme for a life time!!! SO PRETTY!!!SO USEFUL!!!!!
Since 10 years ago I first time used MATLAB, I always expected a modern designed MATLAB theme....
恒恺 姚
恒恺 姚 on 22 Mar 2023
As I tested, this new look DESKTOP works well on MATLAB2023a in my Windows11 and MacOS13.2.1(M1 Max), come on everybody and test!!
one bug: when I first time install "newdesktopformatlab.mlpkginstall" on my Mac, it crashed then I restart Matlab , it works.
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 21 Mar 2023

Please use the feedback button in the MATLAB Desktop beta to send us your feedback, input, and experience. Enjoy!

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