If you were EXTREMELY wealthy, would you still work?

truong van
truong van on 22 Nov 2023 at 11:32
should be used for normal operation
George Gerdes
George Gerdes on 18 Oct 2023
Would still work
En mi opinión si ya eres rico. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es ayudar a los más necesitados.
Al final quien recompensará las buenas obras será DIOS todo poderoso por sobre todo.
Patrick Faulkner
Patrick Faulkner on 5 Oct 2023
I like working for others honestly. First of all, it makes my paycheck secure with minimal work. While working at a company can be tough or stressful, figuring out what will be profitable in the future and creating it from scratch now takes far more talent and energy in my opinion. There's a lot of freedom in owning your own company, but there's also a ton of effort keeping it afloat year after year.
Plus I find that, when I can quit my job the moment I want to (because I don't need the job to be okay in life), even stressful jobs become infinitely more bearable. I've done this with retail jobs before, having a second job for extra cash means you don't have to put up with anything. If you wanna quit, you can just up and quit and not stress over anything.
Amjad on 5 Oct 2023
I would prefer to establish a research based engineering and a medical university free for all who got admitted on merit basis. I would also establish a skill development center for the deprived, uneducated and poor females of our country, where they will be provided skills, raw material, hansome amount for their expenses, and also free eduction and health for thie children. I would establish a world class sports complex where healthy sports complex and traing free for all.
Musa on 17 Sep 2023 (Edited on 17 Sep 2023)
I work to maintain my daily needs/bills which I think is not an issue for EXTREMELY wealthy people.
The real stress will be to remain wealthy & secure it for my bloodline (at least 10th generation to come).
burgers2562 on 21 Aug 2023
you biased the results . you have 4 options that are for working and 1 option for not working, and the not-working option says "just play" which cause moral reaction by responders to not choose it.
DGM on 22 Aug 2023 (Edited on 22 Aug 2023)
You're free to propose a set of responses that you feel would have been more appropriate -- particularly, any one you might have chosen yourself. This is all rather informal anyway.
  • I'd play video games all day
  • I'd sleep all day
  • I'd travel the world
  • I'd collect all the rare things
  • I'd read all the books
  • I'd go to the gym and get super ripped
  • I'd become a main character on Twitter
  • I'd obtain majority share of TMW and make them implement my ideas
Bear in mind, the question was specifically about whether you'd work or not, so I think it's kind of understandable that there's only one catch-all case for "not work".
IIRC, I'm pretty sure these polls only allow a limited number of choices and the description lengths are short, so they're rarely going to be comprehensive and specific.
Eren Berk Karabulut
Eren Berk Karabulut on 21 Aug 2023
Become Bruce Wayne
Igor Izyurov
Igor Izyurov on 11 Aug 2023
I would organize a perfect eeg lab and do any research I wish without all these grant sumissions, fitting the requirements of Ethic Comission and waiting months for the ordering department of university to process my request of electrode gel!
...wait, haven't Ilon musk done that already in Neuralink???
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Aug 2023
To clarify, would you :
  1. Have your own company (perhaps with employees or perhaps it's just you), and work only for that?
  2. Work at a University doing research (on whatever you want or on contracts granted by companies or government agencies) or work for some other company (that you don't own) pulling in a paycheck for that work?
  3. Work only by volunteering your time and skills to a variety of your favorite charities?
  4. Work only at your own family foundation (like Bill Gates works for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation), donating/distributing out funds to worthwhile charities.
  5. Basically not work. Just do whatever you want whenever you want, be it watching TV, reading, gardening, traveling, doing hobbies (golf, woodworking, bicycling, cards, fishing, etc.), or some other fun but non-paid activity.
If you would do multiple of those, just pick the one that you'd spend the bulk of your time doing.
DGM on 29 Jul 2023 (Edited on 29 Jul 2023)
If you were an imaginary person whose tastes are completely foreign to you, would you still like waffles?
  • Yes, but only if they are blueberry.
  • No, absolutely not.

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