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Introducing ‘Discussions’: Your New Go-To Community Space for Best MATLAB Tips & Tricks and More

Chen Lin on 5 Mar 2024 (Edited on 3 Apr 2024)
Latest activity Reply by cui,xingxing on 17 Apr 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new area within the MATLAB Central community – 'Discussions'. This exciting addition is designed to foster a stronger and more connected community.
Discover the 'Tips & Tricks' Channel
At the heart of 'Discussions' is the 'Tips & Tricks' channel. This is your ultimate destination for both sharing and discovering the best MATLAB tips.
Whether you're a seasoned MATLAB user with wisdom to share or a newcomer seeking advice, this channel is your platform. Here, you can post your own insights, ask for guidance on specific topics, and uncover hidden gems that can transform your MATLAB experience. It's more than just a channel; it's a community learning together; it’s your community blog!
More Than Just Tips
The 'Discussions' area offers much more. Explore the 'Ideas'channel to share and debate innovative product ideas. Dive into the 'Fun'channel to enjoy memes and light-hearted content with fellow MATLAB enthusiasts. Or wander into 'Off Topic'for intriguing discussions that might not be related to MATLAB.
Follow the channels!
We highly encourage every member of the MATLAB Central community to follow the channels you are interested in and participate in 'Discussions'. Together, we can achieve more, learn more, and connect more.
cui,xingxing on 17 Apr 2024
good job! well done MATHWORKS
James on 15 Apr 2024

hey guys have you been trying to help out with some of these out of the world questions this is the lab for you.

indra on 6 Apr 2024
can anyone share how to learn finite element mesh generation in matlab
David Cazenave
David Cazenave on 6 Mar 2024
I live by the code.
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 5 Mar 2024
I am about to share my biggest trick! Stay tuned.

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