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AI + Community: How Can We Embrace Generative AI to Enhance Community Management

Chen Lin on 12 Oct 2023
Latest activity Reply by Matt J on 3 Nov 2023

In the past year, we've witnessed an exponential growth of ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools. AI has quickly become a transformative force across industries, from tech giants to small startups, and even community sites like ours. For instance, Stack Overflow announced its plan to leverage AI tools to draft a question or tag content; Quora built a ChatGPT bot to answer questions; and GitHub is piloting the AI tool for personalized content.
This trend in the community landscape makes me wonder what MATLAB Central community, especially in MATLAB Answers, can do to integrate AI and enhance the community.
Share with us your ideas in the comment session. Ideally one comment per idea, so that others can vote on a secific idea or have deeper discussions about it.
Matt J
Matt J on 14 Oct 2023
A customized tutorial generator.
I.e., when the information a person wants is split across multiple disparate Matlab documentation pages, combine them into a single tutorial.
Example: "Prepare me a tutorial that overviews all the different ways to implement a neural network in Matlab"
I tried this in the AI Chat Playground and it does give something, but much more terse than I had in mind.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 13 Oct 2023
Curated notifications of new content.
  1. AI learns the areas of interest and expertise for a frequent contributor
  2. AI sends a daily digest of new questions, FEX submissions, or Cody problems to the contributor that match their areas.
Matt J
Matt J on 12 Oct 2023 (Edited on 13 Oct 2023)
Maybe it can be used to comb through the Answers database and write a digest of common user issues to be relayed to Matlab developers...?
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 12 Oct 2023
This is a great idea. Community is the gold mine of information.
Catalytic on 12 Oct 2023
Please don't use it. I just want it to go away.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 12 Oct 2023
Could you elabrate your concerns?
Catalytic on 13 Oct 2023
Two concerns come to mind but I'm sure I'll eventually think of more -
  1. It gets things wrong a lot. You'll clutter the community with misinformation if you let AI loose on it.
  2. There is rampant laziness and lack of critical thinking in the world. Letting people learn to solve their own problems and write their own code could help.
Matt J
Matt J on 13 Oct 2023
Regarding 1. a possible mitigator would be to have the AI test any code suggestions it plans to make to see if it actually fulfills the request. Of course, I have only a very vague idea if these are the kinds of habits you can train into an AI language model.
David on 12 Oct 2023
I like the idea to use AI to answer 'old' questions that remain unanswered. It's likely the AI will be somewhat helpful as opposed to completely off the mark.
Matt J
Matt J on 3 Nov 2023
Is this something that's being tested now? I've been noticing a lot of resurrected posts lately with answers from what look to be AI bots.

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