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This is a Graphical User Interface to calculate the Yaw Moment Diagram and Phase Portrait of a vehicle based on the bicycle model.

many line and curve intersection.

easy to use for any type of line and curve intersection with example.

Detects global reflection symmetry axes inside an image

Computes intersection points of two curves.

This function computes the (x,y) locations where two curves intersect. The curves can be broken with NaNs or have vertical segments. It is also very fast (at least on data that represents what I

This tool is an extension of to the autonomous driving toolbox for: directed graph creation, path estimation, and vehicle to vehicle communi

Plot intersection curves for implicit surfaces

Implicit surfaces can be plotted with the isosurface function, but to my knowledge there is no function for plotting the intersection curve between two implicit surfaces. The isocurve3 function

Curve intersections


by NS

Fast computation of intersections and self-intersections of curves using vectorization.

While a few other functions already exist in FEX that compute the intersection points of curves, this short piece of code was written with speed being the highest priority. No loops are used

Define 2D geometry, ICEM CFD 2D surface blocking mesh, and Fluent journals in Matlab



by Alec Jacobson

Useful functions for geometry processing, constrainted optimization and image processing.


version 1.25

by David Legland

Geometry library for matlab. Performs geometric computations on points, lines, circles, polygons...

This example shows how to train a semantic segmentation network using deep learning using Pascal VOC dataset.

iterations when using trainNetwork 'Plots','training-progress',...% display the training curve 'ValidationPatience', Inf); % when the validation accuracy is not decreased for 10 times in a row, training

Calculate resistance needed to trace I-V characteristic curve evenly.

. After the computation, the resistance needed is shown in the form of graph. At the same time, this algorithm show the intersection point between the resistance line and the I-V characteristic curve. Make

BSPL Toolbox

version 1.0.3

by Moreno, M.

Bézier toolbox for advanced curve analysis and processing, optimised for accuracy and speed.

bsplget(x);y = bsplget(x, 0);y = bsplget(x, 1);y = bsplget(x, 1e4);BSPLINTBézier curve intersections or self-intersections.x = rand(5, 2);y = rand(4, 2);[t, y] = bsplint(x, y);t = bsplint(x);t = bsplint(x

Fast particle tracking and ray-triangle intersection queries on triangular meshes of a unit sphere

S^2 Particle TrackingThe functions contained in this package perform particle tracking and ray-triangle intersection querieson triangular surface meshes of a unit sphere (S^2), and can be readily

Matlab NURBS library

getYByX(nurbs, xPoints(i));endplot(xPoints, yPoints);Uses:NURBS Toolbox by D.M. SpinkCurve intersections

Contour dynamics simulation of an elliptical vortex in 2D inviscid and incompressible flow

Aggregate 2D packing generator used for the simulation of aggregate in composites

Classes=Particles_Generation(x,y,Classes_diameters,Alpha,m,Particle_ratio)Generates aggregates according to Fuller's curve.2-Plot_Sieve(Classes,x,y,Classes_diameters,Alpha,Particle_ratio)Plots generated sieve curve

Finds intersections of two piecewise linear plane curves.

[xs,ys] = cint(x1,y1,x2,y2) finds intersection points of the curves defined by straight lines between the length(x1) points in the plane, (x1,y1), and the length(x2) points in the plane (x2,y2).The

Part 2: Transient Recovery Voltage Simulation of a Medium Voltage Generator Circuit Breaker during System Source Fault

upper part of the TRV curve, passing through the origin, was added. A vertical line, from the point of intersection of the tangent and peak value line of the TRV to the time axis is drawn, which indicates

Part 1: Transient Recovery Voltage Simulation of medium voltage Generator Circuit Breaker during Generator Source Fault

was replotted in excel. The maximum peak value of the TRV was added. A tangent to the upper part of TRV passing through the origin was added. From the point of intersection of the tangent with the


version 1.0.0

by Hernia Baby

How to create FPS by MATLAB

deg2rad(linspace(player.angle - Angle,player.angle + Angle,n))';r = 100;v = r.*[cos(th),sin(th)];p2 = v + player.pos;% Intersection calculation(1st step)% Mapping Toolbox --> polyxpoly% Free

Multidimensional Synchrosqueezed Transforms

impedance matching microwave engineering POZAR chapter 05 exercise 03

Vehicle Longitudinal Dynamics, Acceleration Performance and Fuel Consumtion

Finds the intersection points between two arbitrary polygons.

GeneralThis file is based on the Curve Intersect function by Duane Hanselman. It extends the scope of the function to handle arbitrary lines / polygons, which may also have vertical segments or

Multiple Steady States in a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor with Heat Exchange

about 30 minutes. The last plot (energy versus temperature) shows heat generated and heat removed as a function of temperature, and the intersections of these two curves correspond to steady-state

cornerFreqs automatically detects appropriate bandpass filter corner frequencies by comparing signal's spectrum with noise spectrum.

demo.m file REQUIREMENTS:cornerFreqs function does not require any MatLAB toolbox.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:In preparing this function, I benefitted from Curve Intersections(InterX.m) function written by NS, which is

Computes the self-intersections of a curve.

This function computes the locations where a curve self-intersects in a fast and robust way. The curve can be broken with NaNs or have vertical segments. Segments of the curve involved in each of the



by Ulrich Reif

Partition a surface by intersection with another one.

SurfPart determines the intersection of a surface with another one and provides access to connected segments and intersection curves. In particular, this facilitates rendering of trimmed patches

Gear shift map for Automatic Transmission in S mode(upshift)



by Kagan

Coverage analysis of a WIFI router in your home or office.

Signal decomposition for overlapped non-stationary signals

regrouping the ridge curves according to their variation rates at the intersections. After the IFs are obtained, component separation is achieved by using the intrinsic chirp component decomposition (ICCD



by Ran Klein

Interactive viewer for 3D and 4D data sets with fused image display.

This interactive image viewer is intended to explore multi-frame tomographic medical image data consisting of 3 spatial domains and a 4th domain (e.g. time, phase, energy). Time-activity curves of

Trims 2d curves

Allows the user to trim a curve near a point specified as [X,Y]. The function will trim the continuous curve at its intersections with other curves.

Fill the areas between two curves that cross at multiple pts, with different colors under each curve

This function fills the areas between two curves that intersect at multiplepoints. The area where curve 1 > curve 2 is filled in one color, and thearea where curve 2 > curve 1 is filled in

Examples of 3D curves described in Chapter 7 of the book: "CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces"

Examples of Three dimensional curves described in Chapter 7 ofthe book: "CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces" by David von Seggern (1993).The zip file includes the following curves:a) Helical curves

Program to simplify design of antennas, through the use of interactive design curves

For bivariate functions f(x,y) and g(x,y), compute values of (x,y) such that f(x,y)=g(x,y)=0

defaults to [-1 1 -1 1]. test.m runs a simple test and shows the plots of the solution along with the zero curves. The solutions should be the intersections of the curves. This code always employs the

Programs using curvilinear coordinates, and tensor concepts are given.

plots surfaces illustrating how intersections of a cone and a plane produce conic section curves.5) Testmetric computes properties for nine different coordinate systems and places the output in

This MatLab-GUI code allows the user to enter any equation and find its REAL roots graphically.

Simple code used to see the behavior of any entered function with its roots easily.The intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines with function curve will demonstrate the REAL roots.Easy but

Adds functionality for fast detection of intersections between line segments and rendered surfaces

trajectory of projectiles and detecting when they have struck a surface. In the first version, I checked for a surface intersection by simply using interp2 to find the height of the ground beneath the

Newton Raphson Method comparison with BISECTION and REGULA-FALSI METHOD

Let the given equation be f(x) = 0 and the initial approximation for the root is x0. Draw a tangent to the curve y = f(x) at x0 and extend the tangent until x-axis. Then the point of intersection of

Simulation of optical fiber modes


version 1.2.5

by David Legland

Matlab library for 2D/3D geometric computing, on points, lines, polygons, curves, surfaces, polygonal meshes...



by M MA

Guided contour labels

GCLABEL allows the automatic placement of contour labels in the intersection points between a guide and the contour lines.The guide is created by the user and can be a curve (spline) or a broken line