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Additional validator functions for Matlab

Validoozy for Matlab====================In R2017a, Matlab introduced "mustBe*()" validator functions, for doing declarative-ish constraints on properties and function arguments. Validoozy provides


version 1.0.2

by Eric Dziekonski

Generate the code for a CSS/HTML-based data table from an input numeric, string, or cell array with many available formatting options.

the description at the beginning of the function for details of the arguments and examples.This function does not support nested tables, i.e., cells within cells, as many parameters need to be matched


version 14.0

by Moses

Create a spider or radar plot with customizable individual axes.

versions.• spider_plot_R2019b() is compatible with R2019b and above. It uses the new argument validation feature.• spider_plot_class() is compatible with R2019b and above. It uses the new chart class



by Nezar

Argument parsing utilities

followed by keyword arguments (name-value pairs) in any order. Keywords are matched using MATLAB's string validator, so matching is case-insensitive and abbreviated keywords are acceptable as long as they

Anfis Training Splited to get better time saved Anfis Classifier You Shall Enjoy

optional argument for model validation. The type of model validation that takes place with this option is a checking for model overfitting, and the argument is a data set called the checking data set.anfis



by Kenneth Eaton

dirPlus will recursively collect a list of files/folders from a folder tree.

setting of the 'RecurseInvalid' argument determines if invalid subdirectories are still recursed down.'ValidateDirFcn' - A handle to a function that takes as input a structure of the form returned by the

A library of functions to facilitate the design of Photonics Integrated Circuits GDS layouts


version 1.1.2

by Edoardo Patelli

OpenCossan is an open and free toolbox for uncertainty quantification and management.

writes fully valid MEX .cpp files including mexFunction boilerplate based on numeric C/C++ snippet

m file:y[0] = x[0]*alpha;for(mwSize i = 1; i < x_length; i++) { y[i] = x[i]*alpha + y[i-1]*(1-alpha);}Step 2: Define arguments to your function (in Matlab):inputargs = [InputNum('x

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets



by per isakson

Parses, adds defaults and validates the input of functions and methods

that is easier to understand and maintain. Furhermore, the code shall be an essential part of the documentation of the input arguments.InputPreprocessor is not for all functions/methods. Especially, it

MLVO is machine learning model to find optimized linear classifier in n dimmensions feature space.

of MLVO function. The argument are: "X_learn" - Matrix of features samples (each row in the matrix represent a single sample)."y_learn" - Vector of classifications of each row in "X_learn" each

Extended HG-style set and get for MATLAB objects

constructor input arguments. ------------------The hgsetgetex class is an abstract class that provides an HG-style property set and get interface. hgsetgetex is a subclass of handle and hgsetget, so any classes



by J De Freitas

Validates parameters passed to a function.

ARGCHK validates parameters passed to a function. [ErrorMsg, ErrorNo] = ARGCHK(ParmSpec,FuncName) returns an error message if any input parameter to the function FuncName does not meet the

Select terms in linear regression (equation fitting) using eigenvectors and term significance

the coefficient calculation is different from normal regression the variance matrix of the result is also different.The function is used as:[x,vm,info]=linfitregsel(A,b,optn)Where A is the matrix of