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Version 3.5.0

by Cris Luengo

Toolbox for Quantitative Image Analysis

M-files.A GUI gives user-friendly access to many of its functions. An interactive image display can be used to explore 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D images, and an alternative tool is available to interactively explore

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

authors whose functions were utilized during development of the program: http://mib.helsinki.fi/acknowledgements.htmlThe MIB version 1 is available from here

Adds multi-file functionality to functions handling only single files.

FILEFUN is created in the same spirit as e.g. CELLFUN, in that it repeatedly calls the same function FUN with different arguments, in this case filenames. It will then collect the output(s) of the

A useful tool for parsing function arguments like 'cellspacing',6,'monkey',1

Helper function for parsing varargin. Makes it easy to write functions that take arguments like this: subaxis(4,2,1,'spacing',0,'marginleft',.1,'H','pt',.1

Evaluate the Mittag-Leffler function with one or two parameters at square matrix arguments

This MATLAB functions evaluates the Mittag-Leffler (ML) function with two parameters ALPHA and BETA at the square matrix argument AE = ML(A,ALPHA,BETA) evaluates the ML function with two parameters

A function which Validates given IPV4address.

the IP address you want to Validate . This function returns a value 1 if success else 0 . If any other matlab data types apart from string type are passed to this function then also it returns a value 0

The Fill Between Area Curve creates a shaded area between two data series, effectively highlighting the region of overlap or difference.

) shades the area between 2 lines formed by y1 and y2 with color c.fillBetweenAreaCurve(__, Name, Value) specifies additional options for the FillBetweenAreaCurve using one or more name-value pair arguments

Bessel function of complex order and argument

As so many people have asked me the C++ code for calculating besel functions of complex order and complex arguemnt, I now submit them to benifit more people ...

Optional function arguments with default values: optndfts

Optional function arguments: optndftsAllows optional arguments to be specified as name value pairs, and default values given for those augments not specified e.g.function strt=demo1(arg1,varargin

A DPX file parser .

DPX is a high dynamic range file format used for digital motion picture stills and synthetic imagery. The readdpx function extracts image metadata and returns image pixels for each frame.The DPX

A Matlab function For Randomly Partitioning Date into Training, Validation and Testing Data

This function randomly partitions data into training, validation and testing data using Cross Validation. Partitioning data in this manner is commonly used for determining the performance of

SVM Grid Search


by Dian Bahnev

Performing grid search for SVM, using the default Matlab toolbox.

kktviolatonlevel level. It gives as output array with the trained SVMs, array showing if a SVM was not able to be trained (converge), and the accuracy for the train, validation and test sets. The function is easy to


Version 2.0.2

by per isakson

m2uml generates UML class diagrams from m-code

: Custom documentation that is integrated in the Help Browser of Matlab.7. New: Extensive possibilities to customise the class diagram, e.g display input and output arguments of methods8. New: m2uml comes in

Perfect Polar Plots

Version 1.0.0

by ET

Functions to generate fully customizable polar plots including compass orientation and circle segments.

Although current versions of Matlab do offer some polar plotting functionality, it isn't particularly flexible. "Perfect Polar Plots" is a few functions which can be used to create fully customizable

Easily add optional, named arguments to your functions, like this: f('var_name', value).

Assigns named arguments passed to your function to local variables (as in plot(), etc.). The name of the argument is the name of the local variable in your function. Example: inputfun('prompt', '&gt



by Jos (10584)

All combinations of input (v4.2, apr 2018)

number of elements of the N inputs. This functionality is also known as the Cartesian Product. The arguments can be numerical and/or characters, or they can be cell arrays. Examples

This toolbox offers convolution neural networks (CNN) using k-fold cross-validation, which are simple and easy to implement.

Example files for "Deep Learning for Computer Vision with MATLAB" Webinar - July 5, 2016 (Spanish)

Lambert W function for real, nonnegative, possibly large arguments.

This function is analogous to the builtin lambertw() except that it accepts the logarithm of the argument:lambertw(0,exp(logx)) == lambertwlog(logx) (within machine precision)This function only

Numerical computation with functions



by Jed F.

A simple 'getOpts' type script to validate input parameters.

validateInput started when creating saveppt2. There was a need to take a large number of inputs, in any order, and make them usable to the script. Checking if an input argument has been passed can be

FDEP dissects ML files and iteratively looks for all user defined functions used during runtime

FDEP dissects MATLAB files and iteratively looks for all user defined functions (modules), which are used during runtimeFDEP retrieves for each module its- subfunctions- nested functions- anonymous

Presented Algorithm segments blood vessels of retinal image with a high degree of accuracy

every pixel of the Gaussian filtered Image.After some contrast enhancement final segmented image is obtained using ISO Data thresholding. This algorithm is validated using images in drive database .

Forward automatic differentiation using operator overloading and sparse jacobians

overloading. This does not provide backward mode. It enables precise and efficient computation of the Jacobian of a function. This contrasts with numerical differentiation (a.k.a finite differences) that is



by Jos (10584)

all combinations of two elements

supplying over 17 validity indices and 5 clustering algorithms based on GUI

Cluster validation is an important and necessary step in cluster analysis. This visual cluster validation tool CVAP based on GUI provides important tools and convenient analysis environment for

Digitize plots expressed in the spherical projections: Wulff and Lambert.

PEMF cross-validation

Version 2016.1.0.0

by ADAMS Lab

PEMF is predictive (cross-validation type) approach to test surrogate models.

Predictive Estimation of Model Fidelity (PEMF) is a model-independent approach to measure the fidelity of surrogate models or metamodels, such as Kriging, Radial Basis Functions (RBF), Support Vector


Version 3.0

by Jos (10584)

Wait a certain time for a single keypress

excution 0 is returned. Without argument, getkeywait waits until a key is pressed. [CH, RT] = getkeywait(..) returns the response time in seconds in RT. Example: disp('Press a key within 5

This toolbox imports pre-trained BERT transformer models from Python and stores the models to be directly used in MATLAB.

model (“none”, “text-classification”, “token-classification” or "question-answering"), and the model format (“tf” or “pt”): # Open command window cd "...\exportBertToMatlab\Python

Toolbox for simulating hybrid systems and plotting hybrid arcs in MATLAB and Simulink.

installing v3.0, the following error appears: “Error using HyEQsolver. Too many input arguments.”Cause: A previous version of the toolbox is still installed.Solution: Uninstall the previous hybrid toolbox

Demos Used in "Object Recognition: Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Computer Vision" Webinar

For parsing function arguments supplied as name-value pairs, e.g. 'XLim',[0 10],'YLim',[0 100]

Based on same idea as the excellent "parse_pv_pairs", and similar to the "inputParser" object added to MATLAB in R2007a, this function handles names and values for properties in any order, and

Matches two pictures given as arguments.

The function takes two images as argument and using edge detection checks whether they are the same or not...a cool and simple code which can be used in security systems. The level at which the two

This is a beta release of the upcoming version 3.1 of the Hybrid Equations Toolbox. Changes may occur prior to release.



by Nezar

Argument parsing utilities

followed by keyword arguments (name-value pairs) in any order. Keywords are matched using MATLAB's string validator, so matching is case-insensitive and abbreviated keywords are acceptable as long as they

Read .xyz files and make gridded datasets.

Here are two functions: xyzread reads text .xyz files into your Matlab workspace. This is written for GMT-generated .xyz files, but may work for other .xyz files as well. xyz2grid converts the

Prettify checking the number of arguments to a function.

nargchk is used almost exclusively in one way:error(nargchk(minargs, maxargs, nargin, 'struct'));The third and fourth arguments are always the same, and you always wrap it in an error call.This

Robust estimator for non-linear state-space models with state-dependent noise.

initialization script, a test function and a technical report. The initialization script adds all relevant directories and sub-directories to the MatLab path and compiles two MEx files, both of them necessary for

An algorithm for manifold learning and dimension reduction.

a very similar structure to the Python implementation from 2019, and many of the function descriptions are nearly identical.Here are some additional tools we have added to our implementation:1) The

The app is used for PKPD Modeling and Simulation.

Calculates the Generalized Hypergeometric Function at the desired accuracy.

A numerical evaluator for the generalized hypergeometric function for complex arguments with large magnitudes using a direct summation of the Gauss series.pFq isdefined by (borrowed from Maple): pFq

Single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox

K-Fold Cross Validation for Binary Classification, using LibSVM

Code for the paper "PCA based Edge-preserving Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification"

Optimal Control toolbox for Matlab. Software for trajectory optimization and Model-predictive control (MPC).

28 functions for different tasks of graph theory

transitive closure for the digraph;grTravSale - solve the nonsymmetrical traveling salesman problem;grValidation - auxiliary function (the data validation);grTheoryTest - test program for all functions.

SeisLab 2.01


by Eike Rietsch

Release 6.1925 of a collection of functions for analysis/display of seismic and well-log data.

Create a customizable nyquist plot that displays pole/zero contributions.

Programmed for educational purposes, this Matlab function draws a Nyquist diagram of any given rational transfer function (including delays) and allows the user to explore it. As the radius of the

This toolbox allows accelerating the graphic plotting within loops or iterative code

This submission demonstrates Power Plant Model Validation as applied to online performance monitoring of grid events

This submission demonstrates Power Plant Model Validation as applied to online performance monitoring of grid events using phasor measurement unit (PMU) data, through a workflow that includes both

Shape Context based nonrigid registration of 2D/3D objects, to build Active Shape Models

Copyright 2018-2024 The MathWorks, Inc.

MathWorks ®️ Tool Validation Kit Applicationhttps://github.com/davehoadley/tool-validation-kitTable of ContentsTool Validation Kit ApplicationBackgroundCode OverviewGetting StartedBackgroundThe goal

This program file is presented for highly accurate approximation of the Voigt/complex error function with small imaginary argument y ≤ 0.1.

[Kxy,Lxy]=cedawSeu(x,y).This program file computes the complex error function with small imaginary argument 0≤y≤ 0.1. In the real and imaginary parts this program provides average accuracy exceeding

element-by-element binary operations (e.g. plus, times, eq, gt) with array expansion (AX) enabled.

This function is a generalization of BSXFUN, provided as a builtin function in MATLAB R2007a and later releases. It is part of the ARRAYLAB toolbox, together with MULTIPROD (MATLAB Central, file

Can be used as argements validator. Checks if all numbers of an array are powers of 2.

Extends the argument validation functions:https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_prog/argument-validation-functions.htmlmustBePowerOf2(numbers) validates if all the numbers of an array are a

Numerical computation with functions

Chebfun is an open-source software system for numerical computing with functions. The mathematical basis is piecewise polynomial interpolation implemented with what we call “Chebyshev technology

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