Modular Servo Workshop

High-resolution, accurate digital linear servo control system


  • High-speed, high-resolution digital incremental feedback
  • Real-time PID control — position and velocity
  • PID controller design
  • Adaptive control
  • Precision Modular Servo model identification
  • Anti wind-up and gain scheduling design


The Precision Modular Servo Workshop has been designed to give a rapid and direct path from control system design to hardware implementation. The resolution and accuracy of the system, and the consistency of its performance, makes the Precision Modular Servo Workshop ideal for serious study of digital linear servo control systems. In addition to allowing the study of digital control, the Precision Modular Servo Workshop also provides a complete introduction to servos, from fundamental studies of analog servos to full, real-time digital control using MATLAB, Simulink, Simulink Coder, and Real-Time Windows Target.

The system is fully supported with lab assignments designed to give students a full understanding of the control paths within the equipment. An upgrade pack is available for customers who want to upgrade an existing MS150 system, consisting of an incremental encoder, D/A + A/D converter, software, cables, and courseware.

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