Polyspace Access


Polyspace Access

Identify coding defects, review static analysis results, and monitor software quality metrics

Identify Bugs from within Your IDE

Find bugs as soon as code is written or modified by using the Polyspace as You Code plug-in within an IDE such as Visual Studio®, Visual Studio Code, or Eclipse. Use APIs to integrate into other IDEs and editors.

Comply with Coding Standards and Security Rules

Enforce embedded software coding rules such as MISRA C and MISRA C++, CERT C and CERT C++, AUTOSAR C++14, JSF++, and custom naming conventions while you code.

Review and Triage Static Analysis Results

Review Polyspace results with source code in your web browser. Use navigation tools to investigate and triage results. Share findings and comments to collaborate with team members.

Monitor Project Software Quality

Organize your static code analysis projects to support development teams and workflows. Use information displayed on project dashboards to monitor software quality, project status, the number of defects, and code metrics.

Integrate into Your Software Factory

Integrate Polyspace Access within your software development infrastructure to gate your continuous integration pipelines with static code analysis results and to link code verification findings to your bug-tracking tool and application lifecycle management (ALM). Install and run the Polyspace Access web server close to your toolchain deployment, on-premise or in the cloud.