Polyspace Test


Polyspace Test

Develop, manage, and execute tests for C and C++ code in embedded systems

Develop and Execute Unit and Integration Tests

Develop and run tests for C and C++ code using the Polyspace Test xUnit API or interactively using a graphical test authoring editor. Create stubs and mocks to isolate components under test and integrate with third-party mocking libraries such as gMock.

Measure Code Coverage and Profile Execution

Generate and review code coverage for industry standard metrics, including decision, condition, and MC/DC. Run tests with code execution profiling to identify code sections that require memory and run-time performance improvements.

Link Tests to Software Requirements

Link C and C++ tests in the user interface to test requirements authored in an external editor or tool such as IBM® DOORS®, IBM DOORS Next, Microsoft® Word, or Microsoft Excel®.

Run Tests on Host Computers and Target Hardware

Execute tests, collect code coverage metrics, and profile memory and execution on both host and target hardware.

Generate Tests to Meet Coverage and Boundary Value Objectives

Automatically generate tests to augment manually created test cases and address incomplete code coverage and boundary value testing.

Certification Support

Create artifacts needed to complete certification processes for industry standards. Polyspace Test has been certified by TÜV SÜD for use with IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards. Use reports and artifacts for DO-178C processes.

Automate and Integrate into DevOps

Support modern software development practices by plugging Polyspace Test into existing DevOps workflows and automated processes. Polyspace Test works with popular continuous integration tools, including Jenkins and Bamboo®.

Centrally Manage Static Analysis and Dynamic Testing

Configure, run, and view results of Polyspace Bug Finder, Polyspace Code Prover, and Polyspace Test from a common user interface.

Use Static Analysis to Complement Dynamic Testing

Justify missing coverage for code proven unreachable by Polyspace Code Prover. Ensure the reliability and consistency of tests by analyzing them to find defects and run-time errors.

Polyspace Product Family

Polyspace products make critical code safe and secure by testing and monitoring software quality throughout the development lifecycle.

Polyspace Access

Identify coding defects, review static analysis results, and monitor software quality metrics.

Polyspace Code Prover Server

Continuously and exhaustively verify critical C and C++ code statements into CI pipelines.  

Polyspace Bug Finder

Check coding rules, security standards, and code metrics, and find bugs.

Polyspace Test

Develop, manage, and execute tests for C and C++ code in embedded systems.

Polyspace Bug Finder Server

Identify software defects and enforce coding rules in your CI pipelines.

Polyspace Client for Ada

Exhaustively verify critical Ada statements units using formal methods.

Polyspace Code Prover

Exhaustively verify the most critical C and C++ statements using formal methods.

Polyspace Server for Ada

Continuously and exhaustively verify critical Ada code statements into CI pipelines.