Polyspace Bug Finder

Identify software bugs using static analysis

Identify Software Bugs and Vulnerabilities

Find many different categories of bugs such as security vulnernabilities, concurrency, and numerical defects. Configure analysis for any compiler, target processor, and RTOS environment.

Coding Standards Compliance

Enforce embedded software coding standards such as MISRA C and MISRA C++, AUTOSAR C++14, JSF++, and custom naming conventions.

Static Application Security Testing

Secure your application by detecting security vulnerabilities and issues. Comply with security coding standards and guidelines such as CERT C/C++, CWE, ISO 17961, and MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1.

Certification Support

Create artifacts needed to complete the certification process for industry safety and security standards, such as IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434 or DO-178C, up to the highest functional safety or security levels.

Simulink and Stateflow Integration

Run analysis on generated code and trace your findings from the source code to the corresponding Simulink model block or Stateflow chart. Launch Polyspace analysis from within the Simulink environment.

Monitor Software Quality

Generate code metrics to measure and improve the quality of the source code. Compare analysis results against quality thresholds.

Interactive Analysis on Desktop

Run analysis and review findings on your desktop computer. Identify root causes of complex bugs with debugger-like views, event traces, and call graphs. Resolve findings and generate reports.

“With Polyspace, we can ensure software security and quality by identifying and fixing critical run-time errors before every code merge.”

Johannes Foufas, Volvo Cars