Geospatial Computing

MATLAB, Mapping Toolbox, and Image Processing Toolbox provide a complete environment for the visualization, exploration, and analysis of geospatial data such as vector maps, georeferenced imagery, and terrain data. These capabilities are used in fields such as aerospace, defense, security, environmental monitoring, and earth and planetary scientific research.

Resources for Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB.

Explore Products for Geospatial Computing

Analyze Geographic Data and Create Map Displays

Using MATLAB and Simulink® products, you can:

  • Import and export vector and raster data from standard formats and specific data products
  • Customize data by subsetting, trimming, intersecting, adjusting spatial resolution, and applying other methods
  • Create map displays that combine geographic data with base map layers from multiple sources
  • Perform geometric geodesy, including distance and area calculations, 3D coordinate transformations, and more than 65 map projections
  • Analyze digital terrain data with methods such as gradient, line-of-sight, and viewshed

Process and Analyze Georeferenced Imagery

Using Image Processing Toolbox with Mapping Toolbox enables you to: