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What information can I find in the My Service Requests area of the Web site?

My Service Requests is an online support-request tracking system that provides convenient access to MathWorks support organization.

You can use this new feature to:

  • Submit support requests and track their progress
  • Communicate with MathWorks support staff
  • Attach related documents
  • Receive e-mail notifications of new information about your request

After the request has been satisfied, the system archives your entire correspondence history for review at any time.

To begin using My Service Requests, you need a MathWorks Account. (Learn more about its benefits.) It only takes a few minutes to create an account.

If you already have an account, you can check your service requests now.

The request form is not working successfully for me. Who do I contact for assistance using My Service Requests?

If you are having trouble using the Create New form within My Service Requests, please contact us.


Do I need a MathWorks Account to create a Service Request online?

Yes, you will need to either sign in with an existing MathWorks Account or create a new account to submit and track Service Requests. You can create an account as part of the request creation process.

Does my license need to be current on Software Maintenance Service to open a Service Request?

No, your license does not need to be current on Software Maintenance Service to open a Service Request online. The system puts no restrictions on who may use the interface. Depending on the type of support you are requesting, though, you may need an active license. See the Eligibility Requirements for Technical Support for more information.

Contact Methods

Will I continue to receive updates via email for requests submitted online?

Yes. The process for answering customer requests has not changed. My Service Requests simply provides a historical record of related e-mail correspondence between you and MathWorks; it does not interfere with or modify that communication.

Can I still open a Service Request by phone?

Yes. My Service Requests provides additional functionality and benefits for users. However, you can always contact the Support staff by phone if you prefer to prefer to speak with someone directly.

What will trigger an update to My Service Requests?

If the Service Request has already been published, the following conditions will trigger an update:

  • A new e-mail is received or sent to you
  • The status on the Service Request changes
  • Any data is manually added to the Service Request

Service Request Details

When do I receive the Service Request ID?

As soon as the new request has been created in our internal support system, you will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of the new request along with the new Service Request ID. This should normally occur within a few minutes after submitting your request.

What is the difference between the Service Request ID and the Thread ID found at the end of emails from support engineers?

Your service request is uniquely identified by the Service Request ID. This ID will never change. You should reference this ID when contacting a support engineer regarding your request.

See Solution for more information on the Thread ID.

How will solutions show up in My Service Requests?

Solutions will show up exactly as they appear in your e-mail, within the communication history section of the individual Service Request detail pages.

Can I attach files related to the Service Request?

Yes. You can attach related documents when you create a request or update one with comments. See question 12 regarding size limits to file attachments.

How can I access file attachments that a MathWorks staff member sends me?

The files attached to any e-mails you receive will also be available online. The My Service Requests area generally provides a historical record of related e-mail correspondence. This record also includes any files we had previously sent to you.

Are there any size limits to the file attachments, either incoming or outgoing?

Files must be 5MB or smaller. If you want to upload or receive larger files, discuss this with the support representative who is managing your service request.

Can I view closed Service Requests?

Yes. After a Service Request has been addressed, the entire correspondence history will be available online for review at any time. Service Requests initiated via phone or e-mail after the release of the My Service Requests will also be published. There may be a short delay in publishing requests initiated via phone or e-mail as those requests require additional review by internal staff.

Can I view Service Requests created prior to the rollout of the Web interface?

The Web interface, My Service Requests, went live on June 28, 2006. Upon request, MathWorks Support will publish an older Service Request to the Web. This can include requests that are closed.

Can I "reopen" a previously closed Service Request?

Not automatically. You can submit a comment on a closed Service Request and request that we reopen it, which we will do if appropriate. Note: New comments on closed Service Requests will not necessarily reopen a request. Simple acknowledgments and thank you's, for example, will be recorded with the Service Request, but will not prompt reopening of the request.

Can I close an open Service Request?

Not automatically. If you decide you no longer need help for your issue, you can click the "Close Request" button. The Support team may need additional information to officially close the request. Likewise, when they solve an issue, they will close the Service Request for you.

Can I view other customers' Service Requests?

No. You can only see your own Service Requests. If you attempt to open a Service Request that is not assigned to you, you will see an error message. In future phases, we will enable users to share Service Request information with members of their company or other associations.

Can I see the bugs I have reported via a Service Request in my Bugs Report Watchlist?

No. This functionality may be available in future phases.

What are the statuses used in My Service Requests?

Open Statuses

  • Unassigned
  • In Progress
  • Bug/Enhancement Submitted
  • To Be Called
  • Waiting for Customer
  • Reopened

Closed Statuses

  • Possible Workaround/Solution
  • Resolved
  • Bug Fixed/Enhancement Completed
  • Closed by Customer
  • No Response
  • No License
  • No Maintenance
  • Cancelled
  • Unresolved

For more information on how these statuses are used, review the status legend.

What communications associated with My Service Request can I view?

By default, the following items related to your Service Request will be published automatically:

  • Any communications you submit online
  • Any e-mails from MathWorks staff to you

A MathWorks staff member can also publish other files and communications relevant to your Service Request.

Will the system route incoming requests to my local international office?

Yes. Based on the country specified in your MathWorks Account, your request is routed to the appropriate office.

If support in your area is provided by a local MathWorks distributor, you will not be able to track your Service Requests online. In this case, you should work directly with your local MathWorks distributor for updates on your request.