Electro-Mechanical System Optimization using Simulation


  • Modeling and optimizing industrial equipment with Simulink, a multi-domain simulation environment
  • Leveraging MATLAB capabilities from Simulink, such as parameter estimation for fitting simulation models to real data and control design
  • Using the multi-domain simulation to design supervisory logic for multiple subsystems, such as hydraulic brakes and AC motors
  • Testing and verifying supervisory logic under all operating conditions
  • Generating IEC 61131 Structured Text from the tested supervisory control algorithm
  • Validating the supervisory control on an industrial PLC against a real-time simulation of Drawworks system

About the Presenters

Jonathan LeSage is a Senior Application Engineer specializing in the Energy Production and Industrial Automation industries and has been with the MathWorks since 2013. His focus at the MathWorks is on building models of multi-physics systems and then leveraging them for control design, hardware-in-the-loop testing and industrial PLC algorithm code generation. Jonathan holds a B.S. and a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin specializing in power systems, controls, and machine learning.

Terri Xiao is an Industry Manager in the Industrial Automation and Machinery area and have been with the MathWorks since 2009 starting as an Application Engineer. Her focus at the MathWorks is strategy and business development in automation components, Oil and Gas, and Semiconductor equipment area.

Recorded: 31 Oct 2017