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Medical Devices Speaker Series 2023

The 2023 MathWorks Medical Devices Speaker Series is a forum for researchers and industry practitioners using MATLAB® and Simulink® to showcase and discuss their state-of-the-art innovations in the areas of medical device research, prototyping, and compliance with FDA/MDR regulations for device certification.

Welcome Note and Opening Remarks Dr. Garay delivers the welcome note of the Medical Devices Speaker Series, highlighting the collaboration of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego with MathWorks.

De-risking and Accelerating Physiological Closed-Loop Control (PCLC) Using Model-Based Design Lane Desborough talks about the importance of modeling and simulation in developing AID (Automated Insulin Delivery) devices.

How Cloud-Based In Silico Clinical Trials Accelerate Diabetes Monitoring Device Development Dr. Alex Constantin talks about how Dexcom and Tandem Diabetes Care saved tremendous amount of money and time by simulating CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) algorithms on the cloud instead of clinical trials.

How Formal Specifications Can Be a Game Changer Jyo Deshmukh discusses various formal specification methods developed by his reasearch group for automatically learning safe controllers.

Achieving IEC 62304 Certification for Neuromodulation Devices Adarsh Jayakumar talks about how his team achieved IEC 62304 certification for implantable neuromodulation devices by implementing the entire verification and validation workflow with Model-Based Design.

Develop Advanced Brain-Machine Interfaces with Biomedical Signal Processing and AI Tools from MathWorks Vikash Gilja presents his research on the ability to convert brain signals into speech with deep learning algorithms built in MATLAB.

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