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System-Level Simulation

5G NR multinode communications

5G Toolbox™ system-level simulations model multinode networks. The simulations operate across a protocol stack that includes physical (PHY), medium access control (MAC), radio link control (RLC), and application layers. 5G Toolbox enables you to model a New Radio (NR) waveform by using PHY and channel modeling features or abstracted PHY with link-to-system mapping. You can evaluate the network performance with different data traffic models, MAC scheduling strategies, and PHY algorithms. You can also analyze the effect of intercell interference, measure quantities like throughput, scheduling fairness, block error rate (BLER), and spectrum efficiency, and use visualization capabilities to explore the performance of the network. In addition, you can export protocol packets to packet capture (PCAP) and packet capture next generation (PCAPNG) files for network analysis.

To use the network simulation functionality with 5G Toolbox, install the Communications Toolbox Wireless Network Simulation Library add-on.


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Node and Network Simulator

wirelessNetworkSimulatorWireless network simulator (Since R2022b)
nrGNB5G NR base station node (Since R2023a)
nrUE5G NR user equipment (UE) node (Since R2023a)
nrRLCBearerConfigRLC bearer configuration parameters (Since R2023a)

Traffic Models

networkTrafficOnOffOn-Off application traffic pattern generator (Since R2022a)
networkTrafficVoIPVoIP application traffic pattern generator (Since R2020b)
networkTrafficVideoConferenceVideo conference application traffic pattern generator (Since R2021a)
networkTrafficFTPFTP application traffic pattern generator (Since R2020b)
pcapReaderPCAP file reader of protocol packets (Since R2021b)
pcapWriterPCAP file writer of protocol packets (Since R2020b)
pcapngWriterPCAPNG file writer of protocol packets (Since R2020b)
nrPCAPWriterPCAP or PCAPNG file writer of 5G NR MAC packets (Since R2021b)
nrMACBSRGenerate BSR MAC CE (Since R2021b)
nrMACBSRDecodeDecode BSR MAC CE (Since R2022a)
nrMACPDUDecodeDecode MAC PDU (Since R2022b)
nrMACSubPDUGenerate NR MAC subPDU (Since R2022a)