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Bode magnitude response of LTI models




bodemag(sys) plots the magnitude of the frequency response of the dynamic system model sys (Bode plot without the phase diagram). The frequency range and number of points are chosen automatically.

bodemag(sys,{wmin,wmax}) draws the magnitude plot for frequencies between wmin and wmax (in rad/TimeUnit, where TimeUnit is the time units of the input dynamic system, specified in the TimeUnit property of sys).

bodemag(sys,w) uses the user-supplied vector W of frequencies, in rad/TimeUnit, at which the frequency response is to be evaluated.

bodemag(sys1,sys2,...,sysN,w) shows the frequency response magnitude of several models sys1,sys2,...,sysN on a single plot. The frequency vector w is optional. You can also specify a color, line style, and marker for each model. For example:


Introduced in R2012a