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Neighborhood and Block Processing

Define neighborhoods and blocks for filtering and I/O operations

Certain image processing operations involve processing an image in sections, rather than processing the entire image at once. A sliding neighborhood operation processes an image one pixel at a time, by applying an algorithm to each pixels neighborhood. In distinct block processing, an image is divided into equally-sized blocks without overlap, and the algorithm is applied to each distinct block. The neighborhoods and blocks are then reassembled to form the output image.


blockprocDistinct block processing for image
bestblkDetermine optimal block size for block processing
nlfilterGeneral sliding-neighborhood operations
col2imRearrange matrix columns into blocks
colfiltColumn-wise neighborhood operations
im2colRearrange image blocks into columns
blockedImageBig or multiresolution image made from discrete blocks (Since R2021a)
applyProcess blocks of blocked image (Since R2021a)