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Data Import and Network Parameters

Read Touchstone files; import, manipulate, and convert network parameters such as S-parameters

Use RF Toolbox™ functions to read RF data and use network parameters created from industry standard Touchstone files (.s2p, .y2p, .z2p, and .h2p).

To understand how this toolbox represents S-parameters, see S-Parameter Notation.

You can convert multi-port network parameters among different formats (S, Z, Y, H, G, T, ABCD). For example, Y-parameters are convenient for working with RLC circuits, whereas S-parameters are better for visualizing frequency responses.

You can also convert single-ended S-parameters to mixed mode S-parameters, extract M-port S-parameters from N-port S-parameters or change the characteristic impedance. To learn what you can do with network parameters, see RF Network Parameter Objects.

RF Toolbox supports reading and writing Touchstone 1.1 files and reading Touchstone 2.0 files (since R2023b).


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sparametersCalculate S-parameters for RF data, network, circuit, and matching network objects
yparametersCreate Y-parameter object
zparametersCreate Z-parameter object
gparametersCreate hybrid-g parameter object
hparametersCreate hybrid parameter object
abcdparametersCreate ABCD parameter object
tparametersCreate T-parameter object


s2abcdConvert S-parameters to ABCD-parameters
s2hConvert S-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
s2sConvert S-parameters to S-parameters with different impedance
s2sddConvert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, differential-mode S-parameters (Sdd)
s2smmConvert single-ended S-parameters to mixed-mode S-parameters
s2scdConvert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, cross-mode S-parameters (Scd)
s2sdcConvert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, cross-mode S-parameters (Sdc)
s2sccConvert single-ended S-parameters to common-mode S-parameters (Scc)
s2rlgcConvert S-parameters to RLGC transmission line parameters
s2tConvert S-parameters to T-parameters
s2yConvert S-parameters to Y-parameters
s2zConvert S-parameters to Z-parameters
s2tfConvert S-parameters of 2-port network to voltage or power-wave transfer function
smm2sConvert mixed-mode 2N-port S-parameters to single-ended 4N-port S-parameters
snp2smpConvert and reorder single-ended N-port S-parameters to single-ended M-port S-parameters
rlgc2sConvert RLGC transmission line parameters to S-parameters
deembedsparamsDe-embed 2N-port S-parameters
cascadesparamsCombine S-parameters to form cascade network


abcd2sConvert ABCD-parameters to S-parameters
abcd2hConvert ABCD-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
abcd2yConvert ABCD-parameters to Y-parameters
abcd2zConvert ABCD-parameters to Z-parameters


z2abcdConvert Z-parameters to ABCD-parameters
z2hConvert Z-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
z2sConvert Z-parameters to S-parameters
z2yConvert Z-parameters to Y-parameters


y2abcdConvert Y-parameters to ABCD-parameters
y2sConvert Y-parameters to S-parameters
y2zConvert Y-parameters to Z-parameters
y2hConvert Y-parameters to hybrid h-parameters

H and G

h2gConvert hybrid h-parameters to g-parameters
h2sConvert hybrid h-parameters to S-parameters
h2yConvert hybrid h-parameters to Y-parameters
h2zConvert hybrid h-parameters to Z-parameters
h2abcdConvert hybrid h-parameters to ABCD-parameters
g2hConvert g-parameters to hybrid h-parameters


t2sConvert T-parameters to S-parameters


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