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Spectral Measurements

Channel power, bandwidth, mean frequency, median frequency, harmonic distortion

Use obw and powerbw to find the 90% occupied and 3-dB bandwidths of a signal. Compute the mean or median frequency of a power spectrum. Estimate the power over a given frequency band. Measure harmonic distortion. Estimate instantaneous bandwidth, instantaneous frequency, spectral entropy, and spectral kurtosis.


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bandpowerBand power
enbwEquivalent noise bandwidth
instbwEstimate instantaneous bandwidth (Since R2021a)
instfreqEstimate instantaneous frequency
meanfreqMean frequency
medfreqMedian frequency
obwOccupied bandwidth
pentropySpectral entropy of signal
pkurtosisSpectral kurtosis from signal or spectrogram
powerbwPower bandwidth
spectralCrestSpectral crest for signals and spectrograms
spectralEntropySpectral entropy for signals and spectrograms
spectralFlatnessSpectral flatness for signals and spectrograms
spectralKurtosisSpectral kurtosis for signals and spectrograms
spectralSkewnessSpectral skewness for signals and spectrograms
signalFrequencyFeatureExtractorStreamline signal frequency feature extraction (Since R2021b)
signalTimeFrequencyFeatureExtractorStreamline signal time-frequency feature extraction (Since R2024a)
sfdrSpurious free dynamic range
signalTimeFeatureExtractorStreamline signal time feature extraction (Since R2021a)
sinadSignal to noise and distortion ratio
snrSignal-to-noise ratio
thdTotal harmonic distortion
toiThird-order intercept point