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Show units in library

If you specify four output arguments when calling sbioshowunits, the function no longer returns the offset information as the fourth output. The fourth output is now a logical vector that is true for each built-in unit.

You can no longer specify five output arguments when you call sbioshowunits. For details, see Compatibility Considerations.


unitObjs = sbioshowunits
[Name, Composition] = sbioshowunits
[Name, Composition, Multiplier] = sbioshowunits
[Name, Composition, Multiplier, Builtin] = sbioshowunits
[___] = sbioshowunits(UnitNames)



Vector of unit objects from the BuiltInLibrary and UserDefinedLibrary properties of the Root.


Names of the built-in or user-defined units, specified as a character vector, string, string vector, or cell array of character vectors.


Shows the combination of base and derived units that defines the unit Name. For example, molarity is mole/liter.


The numerical value that defines the relationship between the unit Name and the base or derived unit as a product of the Multiplier and the base unit or derived unit. For example, 1 mole is 6.0221e23*molecule. The Multiplier is 6.0221e23.

BuiltinAn array of logical values. If Builtin is true for a unit, the unit is built in. If Builtin is false for a unit, the unit is user-defined.


unitObjs = sbioshowunits returns the units in the library to unitObjs as a vector of unit objects.

[Name, Composition] = sbioshowunits returns the composition for each unit in Name to Composition as a cell array of character vectors.

[Name, Composition, Multiplier] = sbioshowunits returns the multiplier for the unit with name Name to Multiplier.

[Name, Composition, Multiplier, Builtin] = sbioshowunits returns whether the unit is built in or user defined for each unit in Name to Builtin.

[___] = sbioshowunits(UnitNames) returns information about the units matching any of the names specified in UnitNames.


[name, composition] = sbioshowunits;
[name, composition] = sbioshowunits('molecule');

Version History

Introduced in R2006a

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