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ThingSpeak Apps

Transform and visualize data or trigger an action

You upload data from the web or send data from devices to a ThingSpeak™ IoT platform channel. Use these apps to transform and visualize data on ThingSpeak channels or trigger an action.



ThingTweet App

Use your devices to tweet alerts and messages.

TweetControl App

Respond to tweets that contain specific trigger words.

TimeControl App

Link other apps to the TimeControl app to perform or schedule repetitive actions.

React App

React to the data in a channel when specific conditions are met.

TalkBack App

Enable any device to act upon queued commands.

ThingHTTP App

Interface a device with web services and APIs.


Overview of MATLAB Analysis App

Analyze the data in a channel.

Overview of MATLAB Visualizations App

Visualize the data in a channel.

Plugins App

Create plugins to display custom visualizations of data in a channel.

Examples and How To

Monitor and Act on Channel Inactivity Using ThingSpeak Apps

Sense and react to a sensor failure that can cause channel inactivity.

Queue Commands Using the TalkBack App From MATLAB

Use MATLAB® functions to queue commands in the TalkBack app.

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